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Cyberpunk Music Pack – 36 Tracks, 31min

Cyberpunk Music Pack – 36 Tracks, 31min

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This Cyberpunk themed music pack has everything you need get that cyberpunk vibe in your video game.



The music tracks contained in this pack are:


Menu music – 1 Loop

4 Level tracks – 23 Loops

Game over track – 1 loop & 1 non-loopable track

Victory/level complete – 1 Track

Boss Battle track – 5 Loops

Pause Track – 1 loop


In total there are:

33 tracks

31 loops

31 Minutes of music



Of course, the music does not have to be used in the way we suggest. You can use the menu track for a level and a level track for the menu music or vice versa.


Some tracks are broken down into several different loops and some are broken down into stackable layers as well so you have more control over the music you place into your game!




Number of Files: 33

File Types: WAV

Loopable: YES

Sample Rate: 48kHz

Bit Rate: 24bit

Total Length of Audio: ~32 minutes

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