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Our First Music Pack! – Video Game Asset

Did you know that we are putting together music packs to be used in your video games? Well, we are!

Our first music asset pack, a pack of Horror themed music, is available on our shop page. Best of all, it’s free with the coupon found on the product page! Go check it out!

This music pack includes 5 loopable tracks to be used in the scary and spooky levels of your video game. The names of the included tracks are:

1. Cave of Despair

2. Silence

3. Devils Chamber

4. I Hear Things

5. Vast Darkness

A little bit about each track:

1. Cave of Despair –

Cave of Despair gives off a very eerie vibe. The sound of heart beats and a distant voice give that feeling of being chased through a maze-like tunnel perhaps.

2. Silence –

The constant drone-like noise in Silence makes the listener experience a bit of uneasiness. This music track might work well in a scary night time outdoor level or maybe even a on a scary outer space level.

3. Devils Chamber –

With this track we did our best to create a feeling of being in a chamber or house of nightmares. You hear the sounds and growls of demons throughout the track. Maybe you will come face-to-face with one of these demons?

4. I Hear Things

This track is one of two ambient tracks included in the pack. There’s the sound of a deep rumbles, some string instruments, voices and even a brief sound of a radio playing. This track could also be easily cut up into its smaller parts if you need longer time spans between the eerie sounds.

5. Vast Darkness –

The second spooky ambient track is Vast Darkness. This track is mostly made up of extended piano techniques that I recorded myself on my own piano at home. It is similar to the track “I Hear Things” in the way that there are small spaces of silence throughout the track.

You can download the pack by clicking here --->>> DOWNLOAD

More video game music asset packs are to come! Stay tuned!

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