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Need Beautiful Piano Music for your Video Game?

We just released a new music pack to be used in your video games! This music pack has a theme, and that theme is beautiful piano music.

You can purchase the music pack here.

This music pack could be a full soundtrack for a small video game.

The music tracks contained in this pack are:

Menu music

5 Level tracks

Game over track

Victory/level complete track

Boss Battle track

The End / Credits music

Of course, the music does not have to be used in the way we suggest. You can use the menu track for a level and a level track for the menu or vice versa.

Some tracks are broken down into several smaller loops and some are broken down into stackable layers as well so you have more control over the music you place into your game as well as the possibility to make the music non-linear and change with the events in your game.

In total there are 34 music tracks that come in this pack. That’s 45 minutes of music!

Want to know what all the music sounds like? Well you can listen to all the full tracks in this video (watermarked of course).

Purchase the music pack here!

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